Timeline: Prior to May 19, 2010

  • April 26th: Global Energies submits a requested proposal to Progress Energy in North Carolina for a project valued at $720,000,000
  • April 27-28: Juranitch, Tarrant, and Dr. Lou Circeo (who was a contracted consultant to Global Energies) make a sales trip to meet with Iowa Officials including Paul Rehn, Mayor of Marion, Iowa and Charlie Kress, a key Plasma Arc technology advocate involved in Iowa’s Waste-to-Energy efforts.
  • May 3rd: Juranitch sends an e-mail to Tarrant and Wortley citing the tremendous potential value and likelihood of landing the Iowa project.
  • May 3-10: Richard Tarrant attempts to negotiate with Wortley for a larger equity position in the company.
  • May 13: Juranitch removes Global Energies’ assets from it’s facility in the middle of night, and takes the employees of Global Energies with him.