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Richard TarrantRichard Tarrant’s Early Life and Career

According to Wikipedia, Richard Tarrant followed a stellar basketball career with several business dealings, such as work for Burlington Data Processing, IBM, IDX Systems Corporation while also serving as a member of the University of Vermont’s Board of Trustees for several years. During his business career, according to Wikipedia, he was removed from the Board of Trustees Finance and Planning at Vermont’s Fletcher Allen Health Care after William Boettcher pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges. It is important to note though that Tarrant was never implicated in any wrongdoing. In 2006 Tarrant made a bid at a vacant senate seat in Vermont, spending roughly $7 million on his campaign, however lost to an Independent in Bernie Sanders.

Richard Tarrant and Global Energy LLC

Tarrant was one of three partners in Global Energy LLC, purchasing his share through Chrispus Venture Capital. However eventually there were management disagreements in addition to Tarrant’s desire to have a larger share in the company than initially agreed to. This caused separation amongst the partners and one of the partners, Joseph Wortley, claimed that Richard Tarrant and Jim Juranitch conspired to take the company into involuntary bankruptcy in 2010, with the intention of buying the company’s assets from bankruptcy.

A Bad Memory Strikes Richard Tarrant

During depositions found in the Rulings section, Tarrant, along with Juranitch, denied any conspiring between them to take Global Energy into involuntary bankruptcy. What was not presented at the time was several emails that clearly belie the above assertions between Richard Tarrant and Juanitch, along with Ron Roberts and Chad Pugatch about their bankruptcy plan. These emails were not made available to the bankruptcy courts, despite production requests, and thus the bankruptcy was allowed. However, once Joe Wortley was able to track down the correspondence these emails were presented to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals whom ultimately reversed the previous 2010 bankruptcy rulings.

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