Timeline: May 19 – June 8, 2010

  • May 19: Tarrant meets with Wortley, tells Wortley that “he has a plan”, but does not present it to Wortley.
  • Richard Tarrant begins to pay the employees and creditors of Global directly from his own investment fund (Chirspus Venture Capital, LLC).
  • Tarrant and his investment manager, Roberts, seek out a Bankruptcy Attorney, and find Chad Pugatch
  • June 7th: Tarrant, Roberts, and Juranitch form a new business entity called “Plasma Power, LLC”, and file official paperwork with the State of Delaware on June 7, 2010.
  • June 7th: Tarrant, Roberts, and Juranitch have a conference call with bankruptcy attorney Chad Pugatch to discuss how they can strip Wortley of his interest in Global Energies through use of Bankruptcy Proceedings.
  • June 8th: Tarrant’s manager, Roberts, signs the Involuntary Bankruptcy Petition and returns it to Chad Pugatch.