June 19, 2010 9:42 AM

From: Ron Roberts

Sent: Saturday, June 19, 2010 9:42 AM

To: Rich Tarrant, [email protected]

Cc: Tom Moody

Subject: RE: Strategy

Rich/Jim: I agree we conference at the earliest convenient time once Rich arrives back in VT. I can be in VT to meet with you Rich on Tues (I am planning on being in VT on Weds & Thurs anyway). I have Tom Moody working on the appropriate documents (operating agreement, loan docs, non-compete agreement, confidentiality agreements, etc) and hope to have drafts by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

Jim, as to you point 7.,yes. Joe will have the opportunity to out bid us In the bankruptcy. If we are successful in our reorganization plan then Global will continue to operate otherwise the spin will have to be on Plasma power. I do like the idea of “Global Plasma Power”. Lets have Tom(your brother Jim) search the www for conflicts at the same time getting Tom Moody to register the name. If we get the name we can just request a name change from the IRS and keep our current tax id.

Jim lets you find I confer on Monday morning-and follow up as necessary.


Yet Ron testified he didn’t tell Mr. Juranitch of the involuntary bankruptcy filing until July 1st the the clip below:

And what is the difference between Plasma Power and Global Energies…?

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