Chrispus Venture Capital

About Chrispus Venture Capital, LLC

According to, Chrispus Venture Capital, LLC is a startup company that was incorporated in Wilmington, Delaware. Chrispus is a private company where Richard Tarrant has a majority stake and Ron Roberts is also listed as an owner. Chrispus Venture Capital was a part owner in Global Energies along with Joseph Wortley and James Juranitch. This was how Richard Tarrant was involved in Global Energies instead of having ownership directly in his name. Chrispus Venture Capital was the named defendant in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals case brought by Joseph Wortley. The ruling by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals found that Chrispus Venture Capital, and more specifically Richard Tarrant, colluded with James Juranitch to force an involuntary bankruptcy of Global Energies and the appellate court overturned the original bankruptcy court’s decision.

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