June 19, 2010 11:31 AM

From: Jim Juranitch

Sent: Saturday, June 19, 2010 11:31 AM

To: ‘Chad Pugatch’

Cc: Ron Roberts, Rich Tarrant, Tom Juranitch, Priscilla, Alan Reynolds, [email protected]

Subject: FW: Strategy

Hello Chad,

I would appreciate your review of my e-mail (first one at the bottom), and your insight into item 7. I think “I almost understand” but Ron and I would appreciate a conference call on Monday if you have time.

If you could also comment on Ron’s memo I would appreciate it.

Finally I think we are pulling together a solid plan to go forward. The plan is as follows;

  1. Plasma Power LLC will from this point forward have all feedwater, steam, syngas fuel feed, and simple cycle steam electrical generation patents, systems, developments, and licenses. The feedwater system seems to be taking off with instant acceptance in the market. We will want to limit this companies liability as much as possible because of the value of its IP. We will starting next week promote to the customer base the name of Plasma Power LLC for the products and systems noted above. As soon as Tom Juranitch gets successful testing accomplished on Plasma Power’s (P2) technology, patents will be filed and assigned to P2.
  2. Global Energies LLC will if it becomes viable again have all reactor systems, C02 processing, and combined cycle genera on systems, Including all existing patents, licenses, and developments up to the date that company was operational (May 20, 2010). These systems are significantly more complex and follow a different technical director. They also offer some different options to the market place. If the company continues, follow on technology related to these original concepts and pending patents will remain in the company, with the possible exception of “ln Situe” work (Yet another market).
  3. Another new company will be formed called Global Plasma Power LLC. This company will purchase licenses from PIasma Power LLC or Global Energies LLC to build facilities using their technology. In other words it accepts the liability of building actual facilities. Once built if we own the facilities each location will be registered In Its own Newco LlC.

These original 3 companies (Global Energies UC, p2, Global Plasma Power LLC)will represent different entities to the market place with different responsibilities and liabilities. The lineage and purpose should be easy for our customer base to understand. Please let me know if there are any holes in this logic. If not we will start executing next week. This also allows us to move forward with the new companies and new ideas now, independent of how the Global Energies battle turns out. As you know time is always critical in sales.


Despite planning all of this Mr. Juranitch seems to forget that he planned it…

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