June 17, 2010 10:10 PM

From: Jim Juranitch

Sent: Thursday, June 17, 2010 10:10 pm

To: Rich Tarrant

Cc: Ron Roberts

Subject: Strategy

Hello Rich,

The following is my humble attempt at presenting a strategy for Global Energies / Plasma Power starting next week. If you and Ron agree with the memo) I recommend we have Chad Pugatch review it, and add his insight. The plan is:

  1. Rich communicates with Joe on Tuesday when he is back, and requests a response on the offer that Rich extended Sunday night, which expired last Tuesday. Rich gives Joe until the end of the business day.
  2. If a meaningful response is received Rich and Jim start negotiating in earnest to resurrect Global and move back into Deerfield under the new plan. A two day window is given to Joe for a completed agreement.
  3. If no meaningful response is received from Joe, Chrispus Ventures files for “Debtor in Possession'” rights under Chapter 11 law on Wednesday. At that time hopefully Chrispus Ventures becomes the trustee as the primary debtor, and the Debtor In Possession, I assume a judge will have to grant this situation.
  4. As soon as a judge grants Chrispus the. trustee position (hopefully in a week) Plasma Power LLC grants Global Energies (for additional debt to be used in later negotiations) a limited license to use its patent pending Feedwater technology to pursue the Iowa job and other potential jobs specifically called out such as WE energies. This would be in keeping with Chrispus’s desire to make Global Energies profitable and get its primary debt repaid. It also allows us to continue the sales effort with no drop in continuity. Robert Kain to be consulted on the limited license agreement, and his opinion as to its highest defendable value.
  5. As soon as positive data is generated from Plasma Power’s bench test next week, Jim is to begin the patent. If desired the patent could be assigned to Plasma Power. Again Robert Kain should be consulted in this process on the feedwater system under the Plasma Power flag. Jim or Chrispus will assume the cost to’ file the area.
  6. It would seem that we should generate an operating agreement and any other relevant paperwork needed to formalize Plasma Power LLC as soon as possible (Next week) since the company is about to get a significant value in the form of the feedwater patent associated with it The company is also wishing to do business in the form of granting licenses. Finally the company may have to stand up to a legal battle from Joe and needs to dot its l’s and cross its T’s, We may need to talk to Chad or his delegate about this and verify it is a meaningful step in this battle, and what specifically should be executed.
  7. I am not clear how the Debtor in Possession eradicates the $200k note to Joe and how Joe’s stock is dissolved. If this is accomplished in a bidding war to buy the complete assets of Global including the patents by its debtors than that is clear. If on the other hand the Debtor in Possession is to dissolve the company as an end game then we need to start spinning Plasma Power at this time. It might also become Global Plasma Power etc. I think we need to have this memo reviewed and a conference call with Chad to fill in the blanks at this point.


And after taking the time to write the above Mr. Juranitch must have forgotten

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