Timeline: June 13th to July 1st, 2010

  • June 13th: Richard Tarrant sends Wortley a proposal that if agreed to would eliminate Wortley’s equity position in Global Energies, LLC. The proposal was co-authored with Juranitch
  • June 17th – 19th: Juranitch, Roberts, Tarrant, and Pugatch exchange a series of emails working out the bankruptcy plan.
  • June 28th: Tarrant has Roberts send Wortley a new proposal that would increase the equity held by Tarrant’s company (Chrispus) from 5% to 20% , name Tarrant “Chairman of the Board”, and reduce Wortley’s equity holding.
  • June 29th: Wortley declines the proposal, and tells Roberts that he intends to abide by and enforce the existing agreements.
  • July 1st: Chripus Venture Capital (Tarrant) files an Involuntary Bankruptcy against Global Energies, LLC