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According to his firm’s website, Chad Pugatch has over 37 years of experience in the legal field. He is considered by the website as a leader in the South Florida legal community by specializing in bankruptcy and reorganization. Pugatch holds many licenses and legal associations with notable cases for companies such as Commodore Cruise Lines and Carpenter Contractors of America, Inc. A New Jersey native, Pugatch moved to South Florida in 1971 and merged his firm with Rice Robinson & Schiller to create Rice Pugatch Robinson & Schiller, P.A in 2002.

Chad Pugatch and Chrispus Venture Capital

Chad Pugatch exchanged several emails with Richard Tarrant and James Juranitch as they sought advice in the forced involuntary bankruptcy of Global Energies LLC. When responding to production requests in regard to Wortley’s motion to dismiss Pugatch did not provide any of the email correspondence between his clients nor himself that would have proved the collusion between Tarrant and Juranitch to force the involuntary bankruptcy of Global Energies. These emails also outlined the plan to repurchase the bankrupt company’s assets to ultimately form a new company, Plasma Power LLC, without one of the principle partners in Global Energies, Joseph Wortley.

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